Is Your Website Losing Sales?

Your website could be costing you sales and leads and you may not even be aware of it. For example if you are a Realtor or are a salesperson with a generically created website and are disappointed with the lack of traffic to your site, please read on. Your lack of results is actually preventable.


There are many types of websites, domain names, and website creation tools that search engines like Google are guaranteed to ignore if you are looking for the No. 1 position on the results page. If you are not aware of this you wouldn’t believe it is your own website that is sabotaging your efforts.

Of course Search Engine Optimization is a complex subject that keeps changing all of the time. However there are certain factors that don’t really change. Search engines reward websites for their relevance. So what does this mean?

When someone types a particular phrase into the search box, search engines such as Google have to quickly and accurately match websites to the searcher’s search terms. And of course the very first website that is in the No. 1 spot is going to get the most traffic.

And of course there are an untold number of websites competing for that elusive top spot. Of course search engines use many different factors to determine which websites to display in a particular order. Some of these factors are the uniqueness of the website, its page load time, and the amount of content featured on the site. Google uses over 200 factors in its search engine algorithm.

If your website is indistinguishable from the millions of similar websites out in cyberspace, your site is going to show up a long ways from the coveted No. 1 position when someone searches for your product or service.

For example if you are a Realtor, your agency may provide you with a branded website. The agency may give you access to a generic website creator or builder that already features a lot of preloaded content. All you have to do is add your personal information and make a few insignificant changes and you have a website. Unfortunately from the search engine’s perspective, your website resembles most of your competition’s websites too.

You confidently load your website and sit back and wait for the rivers of traffic and leads you sincerely expect to flow your way. Days and weeks go by and you begin to wonder what went wrong. There are at least two things keeping you from achieving the results you desire.

First everyone else at your agency has access to the same website creation tools. There is very little difference between the website you created and the ones your fellow Realtors have created. Search engines like Google will not see any difference between your website and those of your fellow Realtors.

If any of the websites from your agency hits the first page of results it is probably from the number of backlinks it has developed over time. The more backlinks a website has the higher it should rank on a given search engine.

The second thing is that you share the same domain with all of your fellow Realtors if you use the agency’s domain name. Again search engines like Google do not see any difference between your site and your fellow real estate agents.

And it isn’t going to make a difference if you get your own keyword-rich domain and redirect it to your agency’s website. A redirect is only a nickname which Google is going to ignore anyway. Google only counts the real website name. This principle also applies to any fill-in-the-blanks website builder. If you have been wondering why your website isn’t delivering the traffic and leads you want, you now have an idea why.

Except the SEO and marketing strategies for your  website which aim at drive more customers to your place, another important thing is how to let your buyers stay and desire to buy. You can test website design elements to see which color or little things could impact your sales, or use some functional tricks for example Social Pop software, it dynamically shows the products status, how many in stocks, sold, if coupon code available etc (get Social Pop Bonus here).

How to Shave Your Face


Let me show you the easiest way to shave your face. For new beginners and ones who’ve struggle to get a comfortable shave. Shaving can be complicated if you don’t do it correctly. I used to struggle to get a comfortable and smooth shave combine. It can be extremely frustrating to shave, especially for those who have sensitive faces. I got to the point where I was shaving only a few times a week, just to avoid razor burn, nicks, and cuts on my face. I developed the proper methods of getting smooth, comfortable shave. Shaving can seem to simple, which it is, but it’s also quite easy for plenty of us to go about it the wrong way. Which makes it an extremely unpleasant for us. Someone love to use electric trimmers instead of tradition one, if you interest buying one, take a look here: .

Fill the sink up with hot water and let your blade sit in there for about 15 minutes. This will help the blade get moist and will help avoid nicks and cuts on your face while shaving.

Take a hot shower and wash your face with some kind of liquid soap. If you choose not to shower, wash your face with hot water. NEVER, ever, shave your face without washing your face with hot water first. This allows the hairs on your face to stick up, giving you not only a more pleasant shave but closer shave. Avoid using electric razors, it’s difficult to get a close shave.

Putting shaving cream on. After you come out of the shower, put shaving cream on the palm of your hand and gently rub it all over your face and neck. Turn on the water and make sure it’s hot.

Make sure you shave your neck first. Tilt your head back, and shave your neck with the bottom side of the razor facing up. Make sure when shaving tough spots, you tighten the skin for a closer shave. Gently and slowly with the razor on the skin, penetrate up with each stroke. On your face, penetrate down, using the top side razor. You want the razor to glide with the skin. Don’t glide up off the skin, or down on the skin. Gliding the razor up off the skin, allows for missed spots. Gliding down allows for nicks and cuts. Glide with the skin. After each stroke, rinse the razor with hot water.

Make sure you wash your face. Last and final step. Remember rinse your entire face with cold water when you’re done. This protects and heals the skin. Then always use after shave when you’re done shaving. So many people skip this step, but it’s important to put after shave on to keep your skin protected.

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

What is the secret of permanent unwanted facial hair removal? Face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body thus it is just right that you should treat it carefully. Most hair removal methods are just temporary like the traditional shaving which you have to maintain every twenty-four hours since re-growth of hair will show in as little as twenty-four hours. It is not the best method to use since it can accidentally cut your face, scar and even skin irritation.

Portrait of handsome young man with clean-shaven face and happy smile

Portrait of handsome young man with clean-shaven face and happy smile

What facial hair removal system fits you? There are common inexpensive options in hair removal like shaving and use of depilatory cream. Depilatory cream is not the best option in removing hair since it is messy and often irritating to the skin. Sometimes they do work in other people and sometimes they don’t. Another method is waxing. It is a little bit expensive to maintain but it does deliver a long lasting result than shaving and depilatory cream. The downside with waxing is that its procedure is quite painful. Well just imagine ripping off your hair and imagine if you do it in large area of your body. It is indeed a lot of pain in there. Sadly, men always do not need to think about permanent remove the facial hair, and instead maybe just more likely with a handsome beard looking! If you would love to give your husband a surprise, you may choose the best beard trimmer as a gift, he should love this!

There is one method though that offers a permanent reduction of hair growth and that is the laser hair removal. It is important though that you know that you begin to notice some results after several months of treatments. The only method that is considered to permanently remove unwanted hair is electrolysis. Electrolysis takes some time since it kills each hair root. Again it may take several treatments before you finally get results.

But there is a much better solution to unwanted facial hair removal, one that delivers a permanent result and painless. It works by targeting the root of each hair with a radio wave, damaging the root thus preventing the hair from growing back. This new technology certainly eliminates the need for laser treatment and electrolysis. It is safe and gentle enough to use in the face. You get to save a lot of money with this device. What is more attractive is you can use it anytime in the comfort of your home. You get to save a lot of your time and money by using this new hair removal product. Check this out and read reviews and comments from users and you will see how highly rated and recommended these products are.

Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook for Business

Social media marketing is a revolution and marketing with Facebook is growing like never before. You can use Facebook to get the word out about your business to loyal followers. Facebook has about 80 million users and that’s a really good opportunity to make your presents in the Internet world.
With all the various different Facebook pages out there, you want your page to say Wow to the user. There are a few things that you can do to make your page make an impression on the user. Start out with your picture. Make sure it is about 200 x 600 pixels. Use your logo to make an impression to. Make it appealing so that it draws the user in. We can make your logo for you.

You can put different Facebook applications on your blog to encourage others to share your post with others. We can install this for you on your blog. This is a great way to go viral with your article. People love it when you refer them good information, so the better you make your article the more people will be willing to tell their friends about it.


Get Your Followers To Interact With You
Facebook has a wealth of knowledge in there groups and fan pages. You can gain additional followers by posting things that are useful in these groups. People will go to your profile to see what you’re all about. If they like what they see, they will put in a friends request. The most effective way for a new pager is commenting here and there, yep, this can give you direct target followers or even customers, just never spam it, if you think commenting costs your much time you could just outsource it, go to buy high quality Facebook comments especially high quality ones, then you will be amazed how pretty good this method is.

Stay Connected With Your Followers
If you want more interaction from your followers, post comments on your wall that motivates them to accomplish a certain task. Go to their photo pages and make comments on their photos. The more you make your followers feel at home, the more interaction you will get from them. Go on their wall and start a conversation. Ask them questions about your business to get some great feedback for yours.

Use Surveys To Find Out What Your Followers Are Thinking
If you are planning to do some kind of marketing campaign in the future, why not ask your Facebook followers for some help by asking them to do a survey for you. You can create the poll with images and put as many questions as your want. After you’re done making the poll, you can send an invitation to all of your friends to participate in it.

Now you have some social media marketing tips that you can do with your Facebook pages. Make sure you’re persistent and you keep in contact with those on your list. Some might not comment on your stuff right away, but the more you post the more interaction you will get from your friends.

Will Adding a Carport Bring Additional Value to Your Home

You have been living in your home for a few years and you love it but if you are like me, you are always thinking about the future and how you can improve your outdoor living space for more enjoyment in your home while you are still living there? You’re a smart business person and you don’t do anything without first researching the possibilities to ascertain what will give you the best value and outcome. You have been researching the options and you have come across carports. You are considering finding out more because you would love more shade in your yard and some protection for your outdoor vehicles. Your only reservation is that you don’t want a carport that is going to look like something that had been added on later. You want something that is going to look like it has been there since the house was built. I am with you on this. Carports are a great affordable option if it’s the right carport. There are several reasons to think about adding a carport to your house and property and we can talk about them right here.


Vehicle protection

The first and most practical thing a carport does is protect your vehicle, boat or caravan from the elements. If you park under a carport, it will greatly increase the life of your paint job on all of your outdoor vehicles that you love from your car, boat, motor-bike, bicycles to your travel trailers. Hail damage and the scorching sun can bake and crack the interior of all of your beloved outdoor vehicles including your boat and off road vehicles. No RV should bake in the heat or get plummeted by hail. A carport stops that from happening. Anyway, if your garage broken, just call your local man to get a quick fix, then you are good to go again!

Home Value

Most people are not aware that a carport can increase the value of their home. I sold real estate in New York for 5 year and when I was speaking to people who were going to list their home with me, I always tried to educate them on some of the more affordable ways they could add value to their home without breaking their personal bank account. I explained to them that when people are home shopping they will look first at homes that have garages and if not garages, carports. It is not always in someone’s budget nor is the availability of property to build a new structure. The next best thing is a carport. Having a carport or garage does offer many conveniences that a home without these amenities doesn’t offer. As a savvy homeowner who could turn into a home seller one day in the future, making the right decision on the carport and Carport Company will be a very important to the success of your project. You want to only consider carports that fit the style and color of your home.

Curb Appeal

A nice carport not only adds additional value to your home, it will bring fabulous curb appeal. It will make your home look larger and it offers more covered storage space that some folks might consider added living space.

Additional advantages of carports

A carport can offer a shaded area for BBQ and outdoor parties because we all know sitting in the scorching Australian sun is not a healthy option and it just gets too hot on those sunny days. Did you know that having a carport can reduce your insurance costs because of the protection the carport offers to your insured vehicles? Other benefits insurance companies consider are that carports also protect vehicles from trees and hail falling on them. It is also said that vehicles that are parked in carports offer a deterrent to thieves because thieves prefer to break into or steal vehicles that have easy access, such as being parked in the street or out in an open driveway. Carports also help to protect your vehicle from children at play and animals wandering by or flying overhead and using your vehicle as their dumping ground.

The bottom line about carports

The bottom line is that carports just make sense. They are an affordable option that adds value and usability and function to your home. A carport that is designed to duplicate or mirror the original architecture of your house will enhance the beauty of your home and give the perception that the home is larger than it is. A carport can be added to create shade for play areas for young children and when the children get older that same carport can be used to protect outdoor vehicles. Some folks choose to use side carports as an outdoor lounge after the kids have moved out. Some folks choose to have a Jacuzzi or hot tub outdoor oasis created under their carport. The uses of a carport are endless and they grow and change as a family grows and changes. When the time comes to sell, the carport adds value so you can ask more for your home when you list it. With all the added bonuses you can get my having a carport installed, I can’t think of any reason not to do it. Can you?

Moving a Corporate Office: Tips for Making Communication Less Chaotic

Do you have to move your corporate office soon within a strict time frame? Just the thought of doing that with your corporation might give you a migraine. That’s because it’s close to the equivalent of moving several houses full of items at once. Chaos and confusion can easily ensue in this scenario without some serious communication about who does what first. Or you just play laziness here and ask a local removalist to do office relocation job for you, but you still need to some pre-communication and the part of that communication has to also come with your customers to alert them of your change.


Communicating with All Your Departments

When you move, you’ll obviously want to minimize how many days it takes to move everything for the sake of your budget. That’s why it’s essential to send emails, texts or memos to every department so they’ll know what day the move will take place. They also should know the time so there isn’t any waiting around while employees gather their things. With each department knowing in advance, they can gather their belongings in unison so everyone can move things out on the same day.

Be Familiar with the New Building

You should inspect the new building before any moving happens so you’ll know the exact dimensions of each room and where every item will be placed. You should also inspect the elevators in your new building to make sure they hold enough weight to move new furniture in. Some buildings have freight elevators that could help moving in heavier items.

If you happen to move into an older building with no elevators, your moving company should be alerted to this. They may not be happy about climbing multiple flights of stairs, though at least they’ll be prepared.

Take Care of Garbage Before the Move Occurs

When a move occurs in a corporation, a lot of garbage will have to be cleaned out in the process. That’s especially true if your corporation resided in the same building for many years. Unless you’ve upgraded digitally to create less paper clutter in recent years, you’ll still have old paper files, office supplies and other miscellaneous garbage to discard. It’s best to get rid of it all before the moving day occurs so there isn’t an overflow. Be sure to recycle as much as possible, including old office equipment.

Remind Employees of Moving Their Own Things

The moving company you hire won’t be moving every single item from each department. Your employees will have to transport many of their personal items on their own. That includes pictures, plants, any desk items and even the office chair if they bought one on their own dime. These can easily be transportable in the employee’s car, assuming they have the space. If not, they’ll have to hire someone to transport the items to your new location.

Keep in mind that cabinets containing private information may also have to be moved by the employees. In some cases, they may need some supervision from other employees to make sure they stay secure during the move. Make sure those cabinets are locked before they’re transported.

The Quick Transition

Internet lines and most of your office equipment should be up and running the same day you move in so there’s no business interruptions. The worst part of a corporate move is the thought that it’s going to put a gap in helping customers on the phone. Having all your office tech ready to go before the furniture is moved in will make your move seamless without a single angry customer.

Regardless, send all your customers and clients emails, texts or snail mail alerts that your corporation is moving. Doing this a couple of weeks in advance with information on your new address will also prevent any potential of customer confusion.

Profit From Buying a Home in Foreclosure


So you’ve decided to try your hand at making a profit from buying a home in foreclosure. Real estate can be a lucrative market. The potential for profit can be great. Use these steps to keep you on track throughout the process. We recommend you consult the experts at Edmonton foreclosures company as they are the leading real estates agency in CA.

Establish a budget and timeline before you do anything else. Determine how much you can afford to spend on mortgage payments as well as how much you can spend on home improvements, repairs, and updates to the home in foreclosure;

Research foreclosed properties online for free. Use government owned sites like Hud and RealtyTrac to search properties by state;

Avoid websites that charge you money to search foreclosures. This will save you money and maximize your profit;

Apply for a zero down home loan. This type of mortgage will free up your existing cash for home repairs and improvements. Spend cash on repairs and upgrades to the foreclosed home – this will prevent paying interest on credit cards;

Buy a home that is in need of cosmetic repairs only. Homes in need of major structural repair can be money pits;

Make your bid or offer for the foreclosure property based on a favorable home inspection. Most foreclosed homes will be in need of repairs that are not visible to the eye;

Enhance existing features on your foreclosure property to maximize profit. Avoid knocking down walls � instead focus your home improvements on appliances, counter surfaces and floor upgrades;

Price your property 1 to 2 percent lower than its new appraisal value to entice customers and potential buyers. Half of the battle is getting potential buyers in to look at your property. This is one of the most important steps to profiting from buying a home in foreclosure;

Stick to your timeline and budget at all costs. Extra mortgage payments and budget breaking updates can eat away at potential profit.;

Look for properties price 70 to 80 percent below their current value. This is a great way to buy a property and establish instant equity;

Never buy a home in pre-foreclosure. This is for experienced real estate buyers only and can lead to costly fees for real estate lawyers and legal battles over ownership.

Rose Oil – The Beauty of Nature


The rose is considered by many to be the most lovely flower in the world, and although the number of varieties is disagreed upon, our love for this flower is without doubt immeasurable and universal. Enchanting bouquets, petals strewn across the linens in a bridal chamber, luxurious perfumes and delectable oils invoke desire, memories and romance. They are aesthetic and sensual, and yet they are so much more.

For most of us, the winsomeness of an established rose garden is virtually impossible to duplicate. My own horticultural skills are admittedly lacking, but I do occasionally indulge myself with an exquisite half-dozen or so, charmingly arranged and prominently displayed in my home. Unfortunately, blooms soon die and aromas fade. Fortunately, the process of distilling rose oil, and its availability in countless products from essential oils and candles to a variety of beauty products allow us to enjoy this pleasurable scent at will.

Creating natural beauty products with essential oils has become more than a hobby, it has become a passion. As I’ve gotten older, the additives in the products that make their way onto my body have become just as important as what I put into my body. Historically, the blooms, petals and oil of roseshave been used to soothe the mind and soften the skin. As a bonus, it is also noteworthy that rose oil is safe and beneficial for all skin types. Thus, rose oil is a boon for one and all.

Although may people make their own rose oil, I have not been quite that adventurous. Purchasing organic rose oil, free from any pesticides or other chemicals is my number one concern. There are two types of rose oil on the market; Rose Otto, which is steam distilled, and Rose Absolute that is solvent extracted. Rose Otto requires a two-part distillation process, which involves the treatment of approximately 60,000 petals per every one ounce of oil. This essential oil is light in color, has a weightless, airy aroma and is utterly stable when properly stored. It is also far more expensive than its counterpart.

Rose Absolute is not considered an essential oil and is not recommended for skin care. Like the Otto, the Absolute is also produced in multiple steps, but that is where their similarities end. Absolute oil is extracted and washed, and, unfortunately, its heavier, more aromatic scent is derived from the use of ethanol in the washing. There are mixed reviews on the exact amount of chemical residue, if any, present in the Absolute oil. None-the-less, we are talking about skin care…… not candles.

It is also important to note that the additives in Absolute make it unstable. Thus, when purchasing your rose oil take shelf-life and waste into consideration. The Absolute may be half the price, but because it has been diluted it needs to be used within six to eight months and then discarded. In comparison, Rose Otto is completely stable and will last forever if stored in a cool, dark place.

As already mentioned, Rose Oil is beneficial to every skin type and can be used alone or by mixing it into your favorite skin creams. Its moisturizing properties can hydrate even the driest, most sensitive skin. As we get older, our sebum production drops, leaving our skin undernourished and dehydrated. Rose oil is easily absorbed and provides immediate relief for tired, thirsty skin.

Rose Oil’s versatility also helps to reduce redness and inflammation in sensitive skin, has antibacterial properties to help heal acne and prevent scarring, and antiseptic properties that help to heal wounds and ward off infections. It is a multi-purpose oil and an essential part of creating natural beauty products in the home.

Nothing is easier than mixing a light moisturizing lotion for everyday use. Start with a small glass bottle (four ounce); fill the bottle two-thirds full with you favorite carrier oil (jojoba oil is my own preferred carrier oil); and then add seven to nine drops of essential rose oil. This blend is simple and benefits all skin types, particularly those of us with aging, dryer skin. This combination of oils is also perfect for warmer weather when we tend to perspire …. it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin silky smooth without annoying residue.

For a creamier moisturizer, we need to blend in a few ingredients; this will require a double-boiler (a must for creating natural beauty moisturizers at home). The base will comprise two-thirds of your mixture, so choose carrier oils that work best with your skin type. These oils can be used alone or combined to make a serum. I recommend Jojoba, Argan, and Apricot oils for dry skin; Safflower and Grapeseed for oily skin prone to break-outs; Almond, Hemp, and Olive are best suited for normal skin and may be exchanged per preference.

Once you have chosen your carrier oils, you will need one-half cup of your serum. It is important to once again note that you can combine any of the oils above in any amount you choose, as long as the result equals one-half cup for your recipe. After mixing your oils, place them in a double boiler and add two tablespoons of beeswax (organic), stirring constantly until the mixture is completely blended (you may want to adjust the amount of beeswax in order to achieve a thinner or thicker consistency). Remove from heat immediately after the beeswax is melted and continue stirring until completely cool; Essential Rose Oil should never be added to your base ingredients until they are at room temperature. Adding essential oils at the wrong time (temperature too warm) will cause them to evaporate.

Rose Otto oil is admittedly an expensive investment, but it is worth every penny. Essential oils are ‘essential’ to making beauty products at home. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and it is responsible for protecting all of the others…..thus, it is our job to safeguard it the best we can.

Obstacles of Starting a Business: Finding the Idea and Overcoming the Fears


With the economy in such a wonderful state in the United States and gas prices skyrocketing with no end in sight, is it any wonder that many people are starting to look deeper for ways to generate additional income to either supplement their current earning or trying to decide if working at home would not only be a better option, but a more cost effective one as well. I have found myself doing the same, searching, reading, writing, generating ideas and options as to ways that my family could save some money or make some extra money.

The notion of pouring almost 1/3 of my paycheck into the gas tank of my old trusty caddy just to get back and forth to work is simply sickening. I work hard for the the money that I do earn and it takes me all week to earn it, but in a matter of minutes at the gas pump I can kiss away a big portion of my paycheck every single week. I have a car that is a bit of a boat, but the price was right when I bought it and I currently have no car payments, but feeding the beast, that is becoming a costly venture, to say the least. Who would have thought a mere 10 years ago the cost of fuel was less than a $1.00 a gallon, and today it close to $5.00 a gallon, with a definite possibility of continuing to climb over the next several months.

I have started on my quest looking for alternate ways to earn money and I have yet to find “THE IDEA” that will secure my future and basically offer me a consistent paycheck on a regular basis. There are so many obstacles in choosing the right business to start or the right opportunity to pursue that it can make your head spin. These are some obstacles that I face in my quest for being independent from the daily grind of working for the man, and securing my place as a profitable business owner and operator.

Location, Location, Location
This is a HUGE obstacle in my eyes. I live in a small rural community and the belts are already tight, so finding the right idea that people will willingly pay for in such a small rural area is challenging. I know the Internet offers a plethora of ideas and options, but I fear I will just get lost in the mix if I go that route and I prefer the personal one on one approach. Finding opportunity in the land of minimal opportunity can really hinder what options are truly available to the person looking to succeed in business.

Fear and Insecurities
I am very deliberate and I plan everything. Trying to plan a business when I am uncertain about what the outcome will be, if I will succeed, and if I will be able to generate enough money to survive plays hugely on my mind. If I only had to consider myself in making this decision I would probably be more willing and able to put myself out there and take the risk. But, having a family at home to support and help provide for does not leave me the option to fail, success is necessary not only for me, but my family as well. With the economy and job market in the state that it is in, I have a hard time giving up a consistent paycheck for the notion of a possible paycheck. Then there is the lingering question, if I do fail, will I be able to find another job? That in itself plays hugely on my fears and insecurities.

Nay-sayers, unsupportive family
I have family that seem to want to be there for me and help me, but when I think I have this great idea or something I want to pursue, they always seem to shoot me down. I let this affect me and I allow it to cast doubt in my plans that were once filled with hope and excitement. I am not sure if this is deliberate sabotage, or if it is intended to just give me a sense of reality and to ensure that I considered all obstacles that I could have to overcome. My mother is one that has always been one who has wanted to start a business, but she has never been willing to dive in and go for it, perhaps her fear is what forces her to shoot down my ideas. Maybe there is a resentment that I may be able to do something that she always wanted to do, but never did do. My spouse on the other hand, he is supportive but he has a different idea of what businesses would work and what business would not work. What he fails to acknowledge is that my interests and skills are different from his, and what he thinks would work may work for him, but not necessarily for me.

Is that not always at the top of the list of things holding people back from starting their business? Where will they find the money, the financing, etc. When you are already living in a world of scraping by one week to the next, the idea of taking away from the money you barely have now is a hard thing to do. What do you have to sacrifice before you succeed? There are many ideas out there that claim to have a minimal investment, but I want to be sure before I decide to pony up the dough. Getting additional financing and grants in this economy are not as easy as some would lead you to believe, and going further in debt is not always a good idea if you won’t be able to recover in a relatively short period of time.

The Idea
This is the one I have the hardest time with. I have some ideas that I like and that I know and that I am interested in, but they never seem to all tie together for the “Perfect Idea”. Compounding the ideas with the other obstacles I face listed above never seem to leave me with an answer, but only more questions. What business will work in a small rural community? What business can I start without giving up the security of my current job until I am sure? What business will not cost me a fortune to start, and will allow me a chance to recoup my investment early on? What do I know? What can I do? What are my interests? I could ask these questions all day long, and I can read and research everything and most books and Internet sites throw the same ideas out there, but they fail to realize that not all ideas work in all areas, and again I am left with more questions than answers.

I am still looking, still reading, still researching, still trying to find the right idea. The right business is probably right under my nose and I do not even know it yet, maybe it is something other than a business, but more of a career or a opportunity just waiting for me to explore it. I just wanted to share my experience and internal turmoil in trying to make this decision just to assure others in a similar situation can see that they are not alone in the quest for the next big thing, the next great idea, the next million dollar business. One day our ship will come in and it will hit us with exactly what we are looking for.